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Blacklist & ICloud Checker


All updated iPhones now have a new security feature called 'Find my iPhone' activation lock. Many of our customers wish to successfully unlock their phones. If the Find my iPhone feature is turned on it is necessary to disable this feature before finalising the unlock via iTunes at the final stage. To do this will require the phone owner to enter the correct iCloud password in order to disable this security feature only if it is turned on. To turn off Find My iPhone on your device:Go to Settings.Tap iCloud.Sign in with your Apple ID, if necessary.Turn off Find My iPhone.The security feature only becomes a problem if the new phone owner does not know the iCloud password and the Find my iPhone activation lock is turned on. The phone cannot be restored and unlocked via iTunes whilst this security feature is turned on. It is important that anyone wishing to unlock or buy an iPhone checks to see if this feature is turned on or not. If it is turned on you will need to know the iCloud password to turn it off or the phone may be totally useless to you. You can find out if this security feature is turned on with any iPhone worldwide with this activation lock check service. All that is needed is the 15 digit IMEI number of the iPhone you wish us to check.